Cloud Internship Program

Here is what you get:

1. Internship Completion Certificate

2. Experience that you can put on your Resume/CV, to help you further in your Careers/Job-Hunts

3. Practical Knowledge into the IT Domain

This is a Fully Online, Flexible & Free ‘Cloud Internship Program’ for Students, Freshers/Graduates and even Professionals who aspire for winning careers into the next big things into the IT domain like Cloud & Virtualization technologies.

High Importance of the Cloud Computing in IT:

All the computer networks, servers and the IT/software applications developed in languages/frameworks like Java, .Net, PHP, etc. or be it based on latest technologies like AI, ML, IoT (including electronic and mechanical devices), Big Data, Data Science, Blockchain, Robotics, etc. are going to be ‘Cloud native’. Meaning, all these IT applications would be developed, hosted or migrated to/on the Cloud directly and their ‘DevOps’ (Software Application development and Operations) activities would also take place on the cloud directly. Therefore, Cloud becomes the basis/backbone of whole of IT. Hence Cloud Computing would be a very good-to-have skill on your CV. It help and give you an edge in your job hunts when you hit the IT job market. There is a great demand of Cloud/IT professionals (be it in Technical or into Management roles) but there is a very low supply. Thus, we at Cloud Counselage Pvt. Ltd. have taken up a mission to create a big workforce in the form of our Interns around Cloud and IT in general, for them to get jobs very easily in the IT industry.

This ‘Online Internship Program’ will also give you knowledge on how you can create VMs (Virtual Machines/Servers) and software applications (Java, PHP, Python, Machine Learning, etc.) on the Cloud directly.

Major part of this Internship program would be a basic to intermediate training into Cloud & Virtualization to create awareness about these IT technologies. Interns will get a Certificate upon successful completion of this Internship programme. This Certificate/Experience can be flashed on their CV/Resume and professional platforms like LinkedIn, etc. to get an edge over others and get a launchpad for their respective job hunts into the IT domain. This Internship Program is in good faith and is for general good of all Students, Freshers/Graduates and Professionals who would be interested.

Please go through the Orientation/Walk-Through video/document below to get a detailed work flow overview of this Internship Program. All the very best! Cheers!

This Internship program is in good faith to create awareness vis-à-vis Cloud & Virtualization technologies which is the next big thing into IT. It will be totally free and online to help Students/Freshers/Graduates/Professionals in their careers and job hunts into the IT industry. No monetary transactions will be conducted from our side or from the intern’s side anytime during or after this Internship program. All Rights Reserved.

Please go through the Orientation/Walk-Through video/document below to get a detailed work flow overview of this Internship Program.

Internship Orientation / Walkthrough Video

Internship Orientation / Walkthrough Document