We at Edpedia strive hard to achieve perfection to eliminate gaps between students and their Teachers/Instructors/Trainers.
We are continuously building this platform for a better communication between Teachers & Students by providing them new Teaching & Learning techniques which are fully online and can be accessed 24/7.
Through Edpedia which is our SaaS Cloud offering to the organizations such as coaching classes, schools, colleges and companies in general can conduct their trainings/classes, tests, distribute notes, have discussions on various topics etc. Performance reports of every student can also be generated and shared automatically.


We are the India’s first end-to-end learning management platform
Apart from students connecting with their respective Teachers, they can also connect with each other and learn together, take part in various other activities together online anytime.


Our mission is to take all the teaching organizations on-board, be it the coaching classes, training institutes, schools, colleges or even corporates for that matter who wish to conduct their trainings online.


Our vision is to revolutionize classroom teaching and learning by getting it online and making available 24/7. To bridge the gap between a Student and a Teacher.
Provide both of them better access to each other in order to improve standards of Teaching and Learning, which may not always be possible in a classroom scenario.


We work on a philosophy that quality knowledge can only be spread when it is not hidden. When it is not only for the few elite and hidden from the larger sections of underprivileged.
We believe quality teaching/coaching should be for all, so that all can be brought on a same level to compete further in a fair manner. That’s why all our services are absolutely Free, all in good faith.